Released on April 20, 2008

Recorded at PackCave Studio, Appleton, WI - produced and mastered by HEADSTONE

Track Listing:
The Devil's Dance 1:45
Titty Love 2:17
The Modern Prometheus 2:24
Kiss My Ass 2:16
Lucifer's Bitch 1:34
Backstabber 4:19
Vows 2:43
The Last Lullaby 3:27
Excessive Use of Silence 3:04
Blood For My Brother 2:39
The Frozen Trip 4:13
GO Pack GO 2:52
Cowgirl 2:07
Grandma 3:19
The Evolving 2:58
American Slayer 3:29
Lollipop 1:17
The Soul of R. Chronic 3:41
Drugged Aggression 2:06
I'm On Something 2:48
   HEADSTONE's fourth album simply titled "FOUR" was a crowning achievement creatively for HEADSTONE. HEADSTONE had just 
   released "The Joint Chiefs of Stash" in October 2007. Vocalist Shane Keddell had a brilliant idea and challenge; write and record a 
   20 track album called "FOUR" in time for 4/20/08. A daunting undertaking? Not for HEADSTONE!